🔥 Gallery Stack 3 is there - and it KICK ASS [Update and 20% Discount] 🤘

I am glad to announce Gallery Stacks 3 is on the horizon - the long anticipated successor of the most popular Gallery Stacks 2. I started developing on the day Stacks 3 came out, and it will be a great update. :+1:

Beside the features you are expecting from a Photo Album, Gallery Stacks 3 has some key elements I worked on in detail:

  • Full preview capabilities in RW7 (Yeah!)
  • 7 grid layouts, 5 light boxes, 3+ sliders
  • Drag and Drop images, automatic thumbnail creation, integration with various warehouse image stacks - and with this, no need any more for using a standard RW photo album

In addition, I worked together with @joeworkman to integrate with Total CMS Gallery, Total CMS Blog, and Easy CMS (see working demo version here).

If you are a Gallery Stack 2 user, you will feel quite familiar. If you have certain feature requests, now it is the time to speak up, so let me know. Expect a release around end of May (also depending on the RW7 release date).

N.B.: If you decide to buy Gallery Stack 2 now, you will receive a free upgrade.

Thanks @Turtle and @WDA for testing! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the beta request too. At the moment your amazing stack is the one and only that supports TCMS Galleries. The stack was without any problems from the beginning. So many features and styles. Great work… Thanks again…



SWEET!!! Definitely a pleasure, thanks for the invite :slight_smile: and extremely functional stack.


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Gallery Stacks 3 is finally here!

Thanks all customers who already bought the new version for the tremendous feedback :grinning:

The most versatile Photo Gallery and Slideshow just got a lot improvements and is ready to bring your web project to the next level. Not only beginners will find the new way of Stack configuration very intuitive, also the pros will enjoy selecting between the different grid, lightbox, and slider components (currently 16).

As always, additional configuration and extension options will come along the way in the future, e.g. an integration with Photostream Stack for FTP / Web Directory Integration.

Benefit from the special introductory pricing until end if this week (5th of June).


This looks great but I can’t watch that video tutorial I’m afraid. The pointer movements and voice over are completely out of synch for me, so the voice is describing things that haven’t happened yet.

I found it really confusing and couldn’t finish the video. My loss, I expect.


@robbeattie Thanks for the heads up. I double checked, video and sound are in sync for me. Hmm…

No upgrade price for Gallery 2 users?

Sure! Every inStacks customer already got (via newsletter) a discount code for future purchases two months ago when I moved to Paddle.
If you don’t find it any more, send me a private message.

As they are for me now. I swear that wasn’t the case when I tried to watch it earlier. Strange.

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A lot has happened in the last 2 months:

  • Integration with Pulse CMS
  • Integration Grid for Foundry
  • New Sliders (Flex, Royal)
  • overall now supporting 8 grids, 5 light boxes, 5 sliders
  • Integration with Photostream Stack for FTP folder / Web directory support (and in addition, Gallery Stack 3 now contains a free version of Photostream Stack)

Check out Gallery Stack 3 and enjoy a 20% summer discount until 8/8/2016 with discount code SUMMERBREEZE


This may be a silly question but … if I want to use Gallery 3 with Foundry, and I want to use a group of warehoused images, then will this all work fine? Specifically I can’t tell if the Remote Image Stack is needed to work with Gallery 3 for this situation. It seems using Remote Image Stack I’d need to link to each image individually. Ugh. So is there a way to link to a folder of warehoused images that will work with Gallery 3? And, if “yes”, then how does the text description of each image occur?

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That all work seamlessly. If you want to use a FTP folder for example, you just take the Photostream Integration (all included) and configure to use a distinct folder of choice for your photos. As Grid option, you select the Foundry Grid.
With that, a combination of:

In that case, the image caption is taken optionally form the IPTC meta data.

See docu: https://instacks.com/photostreamstack/tutorial/ → Web Directory Options

As captions, IPTC is able to be be used, currently limited to the following attributes.

  • Headline (105)
  • Caption/Abstract (120)
  • Copyright (216)
  • Date Created (55)
    or the image file name

NB: Currently, the thumbnails are not generated automatically with that FTP folder option, so if you need square thumbnails, you have to generate them by yourself and put them into a sub folder called /thumbs

I am working on a documentation update and videos currently…


Thanks! I look forward to the videos and extra documentation.

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I have to agree. I couldn’t watch it either. hard to watch

However, the next time I tried it worked fine. Go figure.

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I am really looking at this, Do you have to have bootstrap or foundation? Can you run it with a standard theme?

When you have a look at this extensive demo page, you will find all kind of grid options (currently 8), where there a special grids available for

  • Bootstrap 3 (Bootsnap Theme)
  • Bootstrap 4 (Foundry Theme)
  • Foundation 5 (Foundation Theme)

All other 5 grid options work also with any other standard theme.


so I can use it with any theme? It doesn’t have to be one of the ones listed? The reason I am asking is because I have the infinite theme by @henkvrieselaar and I currently have Impact from @joeworkman and they are not compatible at all. I love the theme but I have to find things that are compatible with the themes that I use.

Until now, I did not find any theme not working with Gallery Stack. So assumption is that you are able to use it with any theme.
But of course there is no 100% guarantee. So if it will not work with the the infinite theme, you will get your money back :slight_smile:


@garyp FYI:

@henkvrieselaar currently released a very nice theme FULD, which contains an example of Gallery Stack 3.