RapidWeaver Academy - New site available now!

Hi All -

I have been working to migrate the RapidWeaver Academy (that I launched a year or two back). I haven’t been happy with a lot of the limitations of hosting it with a third-party SAAS and so I set myself the challenge of recreating all of the good aspects of them within RapidWeaver. I think I have done rather well and the new Academy site is now live. Check it out.

For those that are interested in such things here are a few details about the setup…

  • The whole site is built using Source (obviously!)
  • The user management / members side of things has been built using Sitelok by @vibralogix. I had never used this before but I have to say that I have been blown away with it. It’s absolutely phenomenal! And I can concur with the countless posts on here praising Adrian’s support as it truly is top notch!
  • The course pages have been created with @instacks’s Poster 2 (using the integration with Source’s Grid Plus to allow us to do some neat things in terms of how things are ordered / laid out).

A few nice features that I have added to mimic that of a Learning Management System are:

  • Bookmarking: Each individual course tracks where you are at with it and allows you to return to where you leave off each time.
  • Status: Each course is either marked as not started, in progress or completed to help you keep track
  • A learner ‘dashboard’ acts as a Launchpad to give easy / quick access to all owned courses
  • Course purchases on the Academy site are handled by Paddle and successful transactions automatically trigger course access via Sitelok’s API

I am really happy with it and early feedback has been excellent. I think it is a great example of what can be achieved with RapidWeaver and Stacks.

A big driver for the move in platform was to give a home to our new ‘Source Workbook’ (and other workbooks of this type in the future). If you haven’t seen it yet then it is worth checking out.

Also - our Source: Lawyer course is absolutely free. So if you want to see the Academy site in action then simply sign up to that course and give it a spin!

Any questions let me know!


p.s. All members of the previous Academy site have been migrated over and should have had an email with updated login details. If you have any trouble accessing though just let me know!


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