Launch of our RapidWeaver Academy 🚀

Hi all,

We are delighted to announce the launch of our RapidWeaver Academy. We plan for this to be a great place to learn about not only Shaking the Habitual stacks (and Source) but about other stacks, Stacks, RapidWeaver and web design in general!

Our first course is available now and involves the step-by-step rebuilding of a new Source project called: ‘#1 Lawyer’. The course has been getting some rave early reviews so it is definitely worth checking out!

To celebrate the launch (and until Sunday 15th September) you can get 30% off our available courses / projects with the code: sth-academy-launch

I look forward to seeing you at the academy!




Just a note to say that I have added 2 brand new videos into our Lawyer course (in the ‘Finishing touches’ section):

  • Adding a Nav bar
  • Enabling Dark Mode

Both of these topics were requested by users of the course.

Here is some of the early feedback:

I am very glad I purchased your first Source course. I learned a lot following it (not only about Source, but also about general good practices in web design).

I have learnt much from this course and can identify the many advantages of Source which were not immediately obvious over competing platforms prior to downloading the course.

I went through the course and I was not expecting such a polished, well put together, comprehensive and high calibre course. Stuart has set a new high level of RapidWeaver courses and a new level of support.

I’m half way through the course, and it is absolutely brilliant.

The problem with teaching your self, is that the more the struggle, the more likely you are to revert back to how you’ve always done things. Small chunk learning like your course is the way forward. Producing lots of mini videos relating to each section, just works. Going back to assumption that everyone is total beginner makes it more relevant, and very easy to understand.

Even though I have been using Source for some time now, I learned how to use the stacks as intended, which will save me time in the future, and it is really simple and straightforward.


Having almost completed the course, I thought I’d leave this feedback here:

The course is well structured and clear Te pace is quick, but very manageable (better this way as you can pause where required - nothing worse than someone going too slow).

The course shows the simplicity and effectiveness of Source as a product. If you don’t have the free version - are you nuts? If you don’t have the add on stacks - get them as they are worth the pittance you pay.

Some reference to other handy resources too.

My only issue is that the theme music at the beginning is WAAYYYY louder than the narrator. Picky, but, it should be easily resolved. 10/10 when this is resolved; 9.9/10 until it is :wink:

Well done Stuart.

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On a separate note, anyone considering a framework theme should get this one first. Work out what it doesn’t do (for me, nothing that I’ve discovered yet) and then get one of the bigger ones as required. I’m really happy with Foundation and I’m sure I would have been equally happy with Foundry or most of the others. Had I got Source first, I’m nor sure I would have needed anything else.

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Thanks a lot for that great feedback @Bazza!! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Duly noted. Will fix that up and be aiming for that 10/10 in future videos!!

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In fairness, the sound quality is much better than most on Udemy!

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