Webinars on UIkit

Hi all,

I’ll join a webinar about UIkit for RapidWeaver on August 6th, where you can meet the developer (that’s me) and get a really comprehensive overview and insight into UIkit. There’s also another live session at July 17th about UIkit where the UIKitter developer @TemplateRepo will talk about UIkit and his brand new project Skyline. More on all this here: https://forum.rw4all.com/t/getting-one-s-kit-off-for-the-weavers/

Register for Tuesdays here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/1e92a903c10a647166858a512be5123a

Register for Wednesdays here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/a4b89a131841134ddc2040ba88984b7b


Jut to clarify, my stint on the webinar is this Wednesday, 17th July, not in Aug.

Oh yes just fixed the dates, thanks Steve.

Just a reminder that this session will be tomorrow Tuesday 6 of August from 8 to 10 AM (GMT), see you guys there :grinning:

Are you going to do one at more realistic time for others like the USA? 8:00am converts to 1:00am PDT and 4:00am EDT.

Noted, will let you know :grinning:

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