Webdeersign new Project2 is now available

RapidProject2 is now available. This is a traditional Foundation Top Bar navigation site with a series of dummy pages that can be populated with content from the main long page. The design is very current, fresh and has a strong “corporate” identity that can be changed with ease to match your own colours. Drag and drop from the home page into additional pages to quickly build up your own custom web site. All of the common design layout elements are included to make this as easy as possible.

The design uses 2 distinctive maximum page widths that are mixed to add interest and to breakup the predictable flow of many web sites. A key part of the design is the S4S Switcher Tab & Accordion stack that creates a fresh easy to navigate set of displays from within one page. In addition the new S4S RuleStack adds a subtle design feature. Foundation Dropdowns and Reveals are also used to provide additional ways to display information.

Project2 requires the full Joe Workman Foundation stacks suite & the best of the amazing Foundation Plus stacks from Big White Duck. It also comes pre-configured with the best of Google Fonts already setup and includes an additional font demo page. Project2 is fully ready for FontPro and TotalCMS. Our own PADDY stacks suite (now 13 stacks in the suite) is included and the PADDYButt stack has been enhanced specifically for this Project to provide the unique and distinctive buttons used throughout.

All images, icons, backgrounds, etc., are packaged as a warehouse folder and the Project contains full documentation.

Enter the coupon code PADDY to receive a 20% discount at checkout.

Explore the Demo at http://www.webdeersign.com/projects/pr2demo1/

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I have had a few questions about some of the effects used in Project2 and will add the answers here too.

The Slider used is the standard Foundation Orbit slider with a CSS tweek to style the nav dots.

The navigation is Foundation Top Bar with a few CSS tweets. It can easily be made fixed or static or the background can be made transparent.

The home page (first fold) icon effect is created using Foundation Icon Bar and 100% width Foundation Dropdowns. Glider is not used anywhere in the project.

The tab & accordion effect is completely the S4S Switcher stack which transforms from tab mode to accordion mode using a user breakpoint setting.

Here is a video introduction to Project2