Introducing Webdeersign Templates

I’m very excited to announce a number of significant new developments to the RapidWeaver community.

The first announcement is the release our our Stacks3 Templates. Templates are very similar to our Project concept but with one significant difference - they don’t need Foundation stacks which was a requirement of out Projects. That’s right, they only need Stacks3, and freely available stacks and themes. Foundation is great if you already have it, but for those who don’t have it (yet) it mant our Projects were not a solution. The Templates provide a perfect introduction to building a web site using a free blank theme.

The superb Big White Duck stacks are used throughout and with the combination of our own stacks and some custom code, the Templates look, work and behave beaufifuly. They have been extensively tested with complex layouts and multiple browser combinations and are now ready for release.

The new BWD Sections Pro is incredible by the way, and Template 1 & 2 are a great way to learn how to configure and use it.

To celebrate this significant announcement, there is currently 20% discount for the Templates and also Project1. Use the coupon PADDY at the Paddle checkout. With the coupon PADDY, Project1 will be $32 and the Templates 1 & 2 will be $20 each.

Also there are 5 new videos on the Webdeersign Youtube channel at .