Invalid parameter not satisfying: manifest != nil

What exactly is this, and how do I fix it?? I’m using the “foundations” theme, and I only have one page so far which is a "stacks’ page.
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Is there anything special being done with the stacks on your one page (forms, for example)?

Usually the first step is to double check that you have BOTH up to date Foundation stacks AND Foundation theme. It’s easy to miss only doing one.

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Ok, I was thinking that may be the problem. Thank you for your reply. I will take a look at that. I don’t have any forms or anything, and I only have one stack on my stacks page. I think you’re probably right, it’s a compatibility issue with the updating. I look into that and reply with what I find out.

Ok, so that was the problem. The Foundation Theme needed to be updated so the Stacks from Big White Duck could work. I downloaded the updated Foundation theme and everything is working correctly now. Thank you again. This issue has been resolved.