Is anyone else struggling with RapidBlog for RW6?

(Becca) #1


I use RapidBlog on quite a few sites and am slowly updating them all. But the RW6 update I’ve downloaded from Loghound (here) is just not working. When I try to install it I get this message:

Anyone else having any problems at all? And if so, have you managed to sort it?


(Rob Beattie) #2

Yeah, I’ve got a support query in with Loghound about RapidBlog, though it’s about a slightly different problem.

I managed to install RapidBlog for RW6 without any problems; it immediately asked to upgrade to a newer version but this worked fine.

My problem is that RapidBlog for RW5 listed on that page doesn’t work at all.

Have you approached Loghound direct?

(Becca) #3


Not yet, thought I’d see if anyone was experiencing similar issues, first, but getting on to Loghound now!

(Becca) #4

A fairly easy sort out from Loghound:

Go to the ‘manage addons’ area in RapidWeaver and right click on a plugin and say ‘reveal in finder’ – then copy the plugin over to this folder and restart RW and you that should fix it.

(Gitte Holgaard) #5

and if its like its not even in rw 6 mine say only rw5 i can install this ? i cannot even put number or any in it