Upgrading from 5.3.2 to 7, RapidBlog

I’m looking to upgrade from RW 5.3.2 to the current v7. I haven’t yet taken the step because I’m worried about out-of-date plugins.

I started to follow the instructions here but got stuck at step 1 (in 5->7 section). RapidBlog is no longer available. When I ran v5.4.1 it said the plugin was missing. (v2.06 is installed and works with RW 5.3.2, or at least loads.)

Given that YourHead announced last March they were taking over LogHound plugins, should I just continue to wait?

What if I proceed? What happens to the page that uses that plugin when published?

I’ve already sent an inquiry to YourHead support about plans for RapidBlog.