Problems with RapidBlog

I’ve been having problems with Loghound’s RapidBlog and a search here now tells me the developer has gone out of business. I thought something like that was going on as everything has seemed a bit quiet for a while.

Could someone tell me whether it remains true that the company will be taken over? At present, I’m using PlusKit and SiteMap on my sites, and for now they work fine; however, RapidBlog causes an error on every upload and I often see things missing on my static blog pages. I just feel it’s quite buggy and would like to know whether to remove my news pages and migrate to something else or stick with it and hope for the best (still).

Many thanks all.

All of the LogHound plugins are now being maintained by YourHead Software. We released v3.0 recently, it’s a free update. We’ve been tweaking it to conform to the latest RapidWeaver frameworks and RapidWeaver 7 requirements.

If you need help, you should contact our support:

If you’d like to try out the latest version you can download it from
We also keep a github repository with a complete version history here:

The one thing that you can’t do just yet is buy it. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully since you’ve been a registered user already this is not that big of a deal to you.
We’re working on that last detail and expect to have it on our store in a few weeks.


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This is wonderful news! May I ask whether I just download and install and then that “debugs” my old version?

I did a Force Sync, which seemed to update rather a lot.

And funnily enough I had the same message as before:
“Error 400. Error in Delete ((null)): The operation couldn’t be completed. (Required)”

Still, nice to know someone’s there and there’s every chance all will be well!

Since I don’t know the nature of your problem, I cannot say whether the new version will fix things. Realistically the likelihood of that is very low. There were no changes to the functionality as it concerns the connection to the Blogger API – the only changes that were made were to make RapidBlog work a bit better inside RapidWeaver 7.

Since you have errors connecting to the API the first thing I would recommend logging out of blogger (Click the Log out of Blogger button) and then log back in. If there was a problem with the authorization of the account this will take care of it.

If that doesn’t help, then I’ll need some more details from you. It would be best to send your project file to and Christi can take it from there.


Thank you, Isaiah. The problem is 1) the error messages and 2) the fact that some images do not get uploaded and thus do not show on my website (I have just checked and they have also not been sent to Google, or were perhaps removed on the last sync). Something is not right, certainly.

I’ve done what you said but still get the above 2 issues as before.

I’ve just sent the file but if the above clarifies anything do let me know.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, not working and error messages show that something is clearly wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those, however, are just the symptoms – the problem itself that is creating these symptoms is still a mystery – I’ll need to see the patient (the RW file) to determine the real disease afflicting this blog.

Having the file in my debugger will allow me to really figure out the source of the problem. I’ll communicate via email going forward. Hopefully we’ll get you back and working quickly.