Is Chrome getting less forgiving?

I’ve noticed several of our sites having loading issues in Chrome (and only Chrome) recently so have been looking a bit more closely. It seems that whenever there is an error - even a very small one like not being able to load a favicon resource - Chrome slows down and sometimes grinds to a halt. I’ve spent an hour looking at around 40 sites on mac and PC and the experience is the fairly consistent - any error in console and your site will stall. These have been mixed WordPress and Rapidweaver sites.

Once cached the page will load more normally - the problem is definitely worse with first time loads.

The same sites in Safari, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi all load quickly even though the same errors show - which leads me to think that Google are setting the bar higher by making their browser less able to gracefully deal with any technical errors.

I’m not a tekky in this respect - would appreciate the thoughts of others who are.

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