Slow loading website

I have 2 websites, the problem is one loads considerably faster than the other, the designs are very similar. what can I look at to see what’s causing the problem?

Hi @imp,

If you use Chrome, you can press F12* to open the developer console. You’ll find a tab called Performance there. On that, you can start what is called a ‘recording’, after which you navigate to the slow website using the Chrome browser window. Wait until it is fully loaded, then head back the developer console and stop the ‘recording’. Chrome will then give you an overview of each element on your website and how much time it took to load it. You’ll quickly find the culprit.

My money is on large images or third party code that is slow to load :slight_smile:


*if just F12 only changes your Mac’s sound volume, use fn+F12 instead


Thanks for the help

Best Regards,
Alan J. Hendry

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