Is Foundation still the way to go?

Recently retired after 28 years being a firefighter/paramedic; looking for new endeavor to occupy a bit of time. Is Foundation & Foundry the direction most of y’all are going ? Gonna buy one of them or both, just wanna make sure that is still the trend.


Both are great products Kenny. What do you want to do with Rapidweaver?

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If you want to design your site the way you envision it, then Foundation, Foundry or even the other freeform themes out there (UI Kit, Bootsnap or Pure) are the best way to make your site. If your site can fit into a pre-made theme, then look at those. It all depends what you want to do.

Another option is to use a blank theme and use Stacks3 (w/partials) to create your own… I used and there are others.

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Foundation + Stack = Rulez

No matter which way you choose, I would suggest you look at the Big White Duck stacks:

They are free (coffee donation welcomed) but VERY powerful and can really make a website pop.

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