Is it possible to create a website using only Rapid Weaver 8 and Stacks 4

I am looking to build a fairly simple e commerce site selling through PayPal and I have bought RW8 and Stacks 4. Don’t really want to spend any more on things like foundry etc at the minute until I see if I am going to get on ok with what I have. I am not a pro website builder. Thanks in advance for any advice.

If you don’t want to spend on a framework like Foundry, you can find a ready-made theme for that. For example ‘Boutique’ from Theme Flood. Its developer @willwood offers free demo versions of all his products. You can also download the free example website here.


Thanks Rob. I’ll have a look

As Rob @Rovertek mentioned you probably will want to pick out a nice theme if you’re not interested in going with one of the frameworks like Foundry.

Since your interest is in e-commerce you will need some sort of cart function. You might want to have a look at these posts

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Thanks Doug

Can I just ask you, are you saying it isn’t possible to create a website using only stacks and not using one of the theme’s?

If you add Source (free!) into the mix then you can definitely build a website with RW and Stacks without spending any more money. (And as an added bonus…it’s made from girders :wink:)

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RapidWeaver requires a “theme”. You can use one of the ones included with RapidWeaver, there’s also other free themes available.

They’ll work but usually have less options.

Hee Hee. Nice one Stuart. OK I am assuming its not possible with stacks only so I’ll take a look at Source. Thanks

The short answer is ‘yes you can’. You need a theme and Rapidweaver comes with a bundle of themes if you can find one you like. The basic stacks included with Stacks 4 do most of what is essential from a layout perspective, and you can get free/donation stacks with a LOT of extra functionality - particularly from Big White Duck.

You can use free Paypal snippets (from Paypal) to create payment buttons. More complex e-commerce options may well require a dedicated product of which there are several - that depends on your requirements.

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Hello @Gregor,

As mentioned before Ecwid is one of the e-commerce options for RapidWeaver. Ecwid is completely free if you have up to 10 products. The free account is free for life, and it doesn’t require any credit card to open an account. So, you use Ecwid as your e-commerce back end and RW as your front end website.

To incorporate Ecwid into your RW website is very easy and you have 3-ways to do it.

-Use the free Ecwid plug-in and a theme that you like. Not even stacks would be needed in this scenario.

-Use a theme, stacks and Ecwid code widgets.

-Lastly a theme or the free source framework (which is great) or any Framework, plus Stacks and then my Axyn Ecwid Stacks. If you use a framework like source and the Axyn Ecwid Stacks, you can really turn out a very nice website, the you can add some additional bells and whistles with stacks from Big White Duck.

Here is a link with information about the Ecwid Stacks, and demos, one of which, 100% source framework + the Ecwid Stacks:

For more information on Ecwid click here


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