Is it possible to hard-code a page size and make the window un-resizable?

Hi. I am thinking of purchasing Rapidweaver to create nice presentations for clients (published in local folders). It seems to have a ton of functionality and control that typical presentation software doesn’t have.
That said, can I make my window something that can’t be resized? I would like to create my presentations at a certain size and not allow the window to be changed.
Thank you!

RapidWeaver is designed to generate a modern website. It produces HTML or PHP pages. To work correctly, they should be severed by a web server and viewed by a browser.

HTML by design will wrap content depending on the space available. The end user of a browser has control of the width of the window, and can override the font sizes and styles on the page.

Yes, I realize this, and I know there is html that can lock the sizes as well. I was hoping there was a stack that allowed this functionality. I am able to code in html somewhat, I just like the elegance that rapdiweaver offers. I am very well acquainted with the fact that this is NOT the purpose it was designed for :wink:
While I do realize someone can override things, most people won’t attempt it. Just wondering and thank you for taking the time to respond!

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