Restrictions on the Demo Version of RW8


I have a complex 420MB site (all images warehoused).
I state this as the below isn’t a criticism of RW8 it’s just that my project file seems to push the software to it’s limits.

Having been burned a few times from early adopting RW releases (5 - 6 and then 6 - 7 being notable). I thought I’d sit this one out a little until early problems were ironed out.

As an impetuous type I struggle to watch you lot enjoying a new toy so today I have been having a play with the demo

I’ve immediately hit enough problems as to make it unusable (for my purposes) until initial bugs are ironed out but then I wondered if one of the biggest bugs I’ve found is because I am using the demo version.

When switching to preview mode the view will ‘flip’ between two pages at roughly 2 second intervals. Quitting or even force-quitting is the only way out.
I’ve even had the view flip between 3 different pages.

Is there a page limit on the demo version? Could this be the problem?

I’ve just tried adding a page and found out the answer.
The demo is limited to 3 pages.

The second part of my question still stands.

The “flipping” bug can be caused by anything JS that changes the properties about the page location. I’ve seen this bug come from errant JS content and also from plugins.

  1. I’d recommend starting up RW without plugins – hold down the option key as you launch RW.

    • If this cures the problem then it’s likely related to a plugin.
    • It’s likely just the plugin that is building whatever page you were previewing – but some plugins work site wide (Sitemap, PlusKit).
    • Try uninstalling everything bug the plugins you’re currently using.
    • If you find that there’s one plugin in particular causing the issue, send the plugin developer (probably me) info about the bug with your project file.
  2. If it’s not plugins then I’d try looking closely at the content on your page.

    • are there any Javascripts running? perhaps as part of the theme? disable those first.
    • do you have a meta-tag redirect on your page?
    • any php running?
    • make sure to check the site-wide CSS/JS/Etc. areas of the project. sidebar too.
    • if you post a link to the published page it might give a clue to the problem – although it might only be part of the preview, in which case a look at your project file by Realmac support or the plugin developer is the next step

Thanks for the detailed reply @isaiah.

The same file in RW7 works flawlessly.
In particular the last version of RW7 (which has been around a while now) has been working superbly for me with rarely a glitch for what seems like a long time.

So to me, it comes across as a RW8 thing.
I appreciate it’s almost certainly a plugin but I’m not disposed to start tracing the bug myself.

I’ll wait a while before I upgrade and send a file to Realmac when I get a chance.

We’re stronger together. :muscle: With a bit of info from you I bet the problem could get fixed soon.

But I understand you don’t want spend any more time on it that you have to. That makes sense. But if you do want to use RW8 – and the problem remains, for whatever reason – I’d be happy to help you get it fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:



Also, Rlc, if we can fix the problem for you, then we can fix the problem for others that might have the same problem. That’s what makes this a great community.



I’ve just purchased the RW8 upgrade this morning.
I’m confident that you can solve my problem.

It is very similar to a problem I had from 6 - 7 , which obviously you fixed, so I’m surprised it’s cropped up again.
I am buoyed by the fact that I am not alone. Yesterday there was a post on the Weavers Space Forum from a user with the exact same problem, ironically also with a large business website. ( I differentiate here because the problem doesn’t seem to occur with small, less complicated projects).

@LaPan @isaiah
What exactly do you want from me to help sort the problem?
Bear in mind my project is over 420MB.


It was my post on the Weaverspace forum that Ric is referring too. The particular site that I first noticed the problem happening with is NOT a large site and since then the problem has happened with all the sites that I have loaded into RW8 (paid version)

I have filed a bug report with RMS and sent them a video so they can see what is happening. Also on Joe Workmans hangout on Friday, he had the same problem with a doc he had opened.

The sites that I have loaded into RW8 are Foundation sites mainly using BWD stacks. In fact one of them where the issue has occurred, is totally Foundation and BWD and is only 2 pages.

Thanks Isaiah and Brian for the offer of help

Yup, we’ve got the bug in our bug tracker and will be taking a look next week to hopefully get it into the next update (due very very soon).

If we need anything else, we’ll let you guys know.


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