Page Width Adjustment

I have a very, very, very simple question?
How can I adjust the size of page…any page.

Rapidweaver is difficult to work with, and there is NO MANUAL, and the tutorial are so basic, they drive me nuts.

The page width is usually set by the theme or framework you’re using. What theme are you using?

So, you’re saying that there is no way to change the width of your page, even if you want to change it via the theme…all theme page widths are locked?

@VivianEscalante No, he’s not saying that. Controlling page width is highly dependent on the theme you are using. Typically if you are using a framework (e.g. Foundry or any other) then you have a lot more control over things. However, themes vary dramatically. Some give you no options. Some a few. Some a lot. Thus the need (and the ask) about what theme you are using.


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