Is it safe yet?

I’ve been holding off on the Sierra/RW7.1x update cycle as various bugs were being worked out. The shrieks/wails/cries of problems from updating seem to be dying down. So, not to get all Marathon Man on everyone (check out the Movie for the reference, younger ones!), “Is it safe?”

I’m happily using Sierra and 7.1.4, with no problems at all.

I’m waiting on upgrading to 7.1.5, since there do seem to be a few people having serious issues.

My experience and plans is/are exactly the same as Nick’s…

I’m running RW 7.1.5 on El Capitan no problems so far. Waiting on macOS Sierra 10.12.1 its in beta 5 right now.

I’m still on 6.4 and El Cap. Waiting for the dust to settle as this setup is the most stable I’ve ever know.

(As he sits watching a 351 file site crawling up to the host…)


RW 7.1.5 with Sierra no problems so far, besides few crashes while updating stacks.

Oh, I routinely get crashes when updating stacks.

Random Out of the Blue Crashes – but Nothing Serious . RapidWeaver 7.1.x is a speed demon compared to RapidWeaver 6… and I really need this as some of my RapidWeaver projects are pretty hUge.

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I would wait for RapidWeaver 8, which is bug free. :wink:
Just kidding. RapidWeaver 7.1 and macOS Sierra runs fine.

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This is by far the best I’ve had now , El Cap and RW 7 here too

Well I’m going to take the plunge soon. Bought RW7 as part of a promotion and have less than a month to activate it!

I’m using Sierra with Rapidweaver 7.1.7 and haven’t had any problems.

You have all kind of different combinations of Mac OS and app versions… pretty tough as a developer to deal with… I think.

I’ve run into a couple of different problems every now and them, being fast to upgrade. But when upgrading I always keep my old version of RapidWeaver, and a backup of my websites.