Is RW7 now stable enough to upgrade from RW6 or should I wait some more?

Continuing the discussion from Afraid to upgrade to RW7:

I often wish i hadnt upgraded, but i stuck with it, apparently v7.1.0 is just around the corner which might be more reliable ?.

I have sent my Log file in many many times following many crashes, but i believe it fell on deaf ears.

But i am SLOWLY getting used to its quirks, Must keep saving it though :slight_smile:


There’s always going to be a few individuals with issues which are mainly related to specific projects/old or incompatible addons/website hosts/internet connections/OSX related issues/user error that will have trouble. Those are the ones that show up in forums (across all apps and services and OSes). Very few write to say how well things are going.

Most people are flying with Rapidweaver 7!

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It’s been working just fine for me. But… you’ve waiting this long. May as well wait for 7.1 and see how it is working for people.

I’ve been using RW7 since the Beta release. No major issues, very stable and used for all my sites. I got very quick responses and solutions during the Beta testing.

Looking forward to the public release of v7.1 - I do have the early beta release so I’ll have a play with that alongside my day-to-day v7