Does RW 6 work on Mac OS Sierra?

(Matthew Long) #1

Quick question to the RW community…

Has anyone that still uses RW 6.4 upgraded to Mac OS Sierra yet? I am stuck with RW 6 until it is safe to use RW 7 with my PHP-heavy site and I don’t want to risk any incompatibility with Mac OS. So has anyone out there upgraded to Mac OS Sierra and successfully kept using RW 6?

Any comments appreciated.

(Brian LaPan) #2

No reports of any issues so far here.

(Andrea Vitali) #3

any news? Is it safe to upgrade to Sierra?

(Matthew Long) #4

I’ve still not heard from anyone about their success with RW 6.4 and MacOS Sierra, so I’ve continued to hold off upgrading.

(Andrea Vitali) #5

So am I… maybe I could find out with my other computer. I’ll try it end of next week, after the 20ies of November. Then I’ll inform You.

(Isaiah Carew) #6

I regularly test Stacks 3 + RapidWeaver 7 on:
Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and macOS 10.12 Sierra

And Stacks 3 + RapidWeaver 6 on:
10.9 -> 10.12

There are some slight cosmetic differences and a few tiny behavioral ones – but mostly things work well across the board.

(Kunstmaler) #7

I work with RW 5, RW 6 and RW 7 on Mac OS Sierra. So fare no problems.

(Matthew Long) #8

Thanks @isaiah and @Kunstmaler - I appreciate the information. I’ll go ahead and upgrade this weekend then.

(Andrea Vitali) #9

Thanks @isaiah and @Kunstmaler for the information. Any news on RapidBlog working in the Sierra configuration? For me is the most critical issue for the time being.

(Kunstmaler) #10

I only use RapidBlog once. With RW 5 ! This website was updated 2 weeks ago and found no problems.

(Isaiah Carew) #11

I am not aware of any plugins problems with Sierra (we try to take care of those sorts of things well before the release date). :slight_smile:

(Matthew Long) #12

I’ve now been using RW 6.4 on Sierra for 2 weeks and I’ve not had any problems at all.

(Andrea Vitali) #13

Great! thank You for Your answer. I will then dare to move on to Sierra soon…