Is Kuler SQL Still Being Developed?

Hello Community… Does anyone know if there is still a developer behind Kuler SQL and if it is actively being developed and supported?

This looks like a great MySQL integration solution and the responsive table feature is quite interesting.

I ask as I have reached out to the developer a couple of times over the last month with no reply.

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Just got a email on an ew them on Monday from them. They released editpro in December. Don’t know what is going on with @Gary

I’m right here … I reply to dozens of emails each day from users.

Yes, the mysql stacks are still in active development and support.

Current version is 1.5.5 and was last updated in December.
The set includes:

  • a base stack that is a div container that you drop other stacks into
  • a base table stack that builds the responsive table
  • a stack formatted for general data
  • a stack formatted for addresses
  • a stack formatted for email addresses
  • a stack formatted for an img tag that src’s an image
  • a stack formatted to have an image referenced in an anchor tag (an image that is also a link)
  • a stack that is just an anchor (link)

Hello Gary… Thank you for getting back, not sure why my correspondence never got to you, it was sent through your site contact form if that helps.

The Kuler SQL Stack is a really nice product by the way, can you provide any ETA for a new release and what may be included.

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The stacks are very versatile as is … general data, tables, images, links, etc …
Limit the rows that get displayed, add custom class names that allow for custom styling.

The stacks do not let you enter custom sql queries, its just the nature of the limitations of the stack, but once you get the hang of how they work then they are quite powerful.

I edited the post above to show the stacks that are included and when the last update was.

Thank You Gary… This is much appreciated. Just so you are aware the info on the RapidWeaver page shows the following.

  • Version: 1.5.0
  • Nov 25, 2014

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That being said, is there something particular that you need them to do that you are unable to do in their current form? If so, let me know and I will see what I can do. That is how the two image stacks came to be … a customer asked me to add them. He told me how he wanted use them and I created them and added them.

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Ok … I’ll try to get that changed in the Add-ons listing

More of a general inquiry right now… Mainly wanted to be sure it was still supported. My first usage would most likely be to use it with my database which is part of my SiteLok system. Once I get going with it I am sure custom needs may arise, so thank you for being open to input.

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I’m confused. In a post from Aug 2015 someone mentions using an SQL Base Pro stack to do a custom query but here you state that we can’t. I’d like to get the Kuler SQL stack but it’ll only be useful for me if I can use a WHERE clause in the SELECT.
(I searched for and couldn’t find any documentation on the SQL stacks—I did find a few examples on vimeo but they appear to not use WHERE clauses.)


The Base PRO stack was an experimental stack that I distributed with the hopes that I could make it a stand alone product.
My support that I could offer for such a stack would/will be limited though because it sort of hands the keys to the user.

At the time I released it Stacks was still in version 2 and I was limited by the UI as to what I could actually make available to the end user, so it never became more than an experiment that some users got their hands on.

Stacks 3 offers more UI options to me and I have been exploring the whole concept again.

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Hey, @TeamSDA - I just used the Kuler SQL stack in conjunction with a Sitelok installation. With over forty custom fields, it was just too hard for my client to view reports using the admin panel. But, with @Gary’s stacks, it makes it a breeze.

As long as we’re talking about Sitelok, Adrian really went above and beyond for me. My client needed a field that would auto-calculate fees depending upon what was entered into FIVE other fields. Adrian wrote the code that makes it all work, and charged me a TEENY TINY amount for all his work. You can see it at: My client could not be happier! And, the email that potential vendors receive is flat-out awesome too. You can see a copy here:


Thanks For Sharing Dave… Funny you mentioned this as I am working on a design for our dashboard that would be built with TotalCMS as well as a SiteLok solution similar to what you mentioned. May like to chat with you further when I get closer to flushing out the details.

I also like how TotalCMS does not natively try to secure the admin pages so nothing special will have to be done when using it with SiteLok.

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Happy to talk to you anytime @TeamSDA I haven’t thought of building something with TCMS and Sitelok, but the idea intrigues me. I love both products- and both developers are top-notch.



@Gary I am getting some interesting errors with your SQL Stacks. I sent you an email last night with a link to the problem page. Is there a prefered version of PHP for your stacks ?

Wondering if anyone has any further info re development of Kuler SQL. The current version is I think 1.5.5 but their web site still says “1.5.0 is coming soon”.

How do I get the latest update Gary?

I’ve just got the 1.6.4 update of the base stack via Sparkle.

I’ve just used the SQL Base Pro stack with SiteLok for the first time.

What a time-saver! SiteLok won’t currently allow you to enter member details without an email address. Since some of our members don’t have email addresses (!), I had to include dummy email addresses. To display members’ names and email addresses on the page, I simply used a custom SQL command to filter out those with the dummy email addresses and sort the results by surname. It took about a minute from beginning to end.

Keep up the good work, @Gary!

@TeamSDA FYI- I’m currently building a site with over fifty subdomains - each one contains TCMS and Sitelok. Each marketer has their own subdomain where they can build flyers that conform to their company’s brand standards. The admin pages are all locked down so that someone else can’t log in and make changes. The flyers are then displayed at 200% and sucked into a custom app I built in FileMaker…and displayed full screen on their Surface tablets at 100% resolution.

You can see the main login page at < > Click on most any name to get a subdomain and Sitelok login screen (as of today, about ⅔ of the subdomains have been completed).

You can see a sample flyer, without having a user id and pw at: < >.


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