Is php home page needed if i have a php cart on the site (rapidcart pro)

Does my home page need to be .php if I am using a shopping cart on my site(RapidCart Pro)?

The best practice is to change .html to .php for all pages (in RW Preferences). That way, you avoid any potential future problems with having duplicate pages on your server (one with .html extension and another with .php extension). BTW, this issue has been covered many times in this forum.

Thank you Rob for your help, I’m sure your very busy.
I didn’t realize I could change them in the preferences either.
I’m assuming I would have to redirect all of my html pages with redirects though…

I didn’t know if having html home page would cause my shopping cart to become a 302 temporary move link.

Sorry, my mistake! The place to look for default extension is in Advanced Settings (RW8) of your project, not in Preferences.

Just change the extension manually to .php on your existing pages. Then, republish all files.

All new pages will have the new extension automatically assigned. This is what happens when your ‘File Links Are:’ set to ‘Relative to Page’. I’m not sure what happens when this setting is different, because I always use ‘Relative to Page’.

As info… many hosts allow you to put a setting in htaccess that will force all html pages to be handled as php. That’s what I have done. Here’s the line for the htaccess file:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .html .htm

Provided as is without guarantees…(works for me)
Remember that some RW pages and stacks will require an extension of php (the developer checks the extension for you and will force the use of php which is good practice)

Thank you very much Rob!!!

That is insanly cool!
So the file stays the same with no redirects needed?
It is just acting like a .php

You got it, Kim…

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