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Goodday to all

When my Wordpresssite was hacked I made a Rapidweaver (RW) site in order to have a quick alternative. I did not take (= I did not have) the time te get familiar with RW. It is about www.belard.nl.. I used styled pages but I am not content with it. I prefer HTML or better PHP-pages.

I want to start with the homepage. My question is: can I make a new homepage.php besides the existing? Or should I first remove the existing homepage.html. I guess after upload I have to remove the index.html file myself and will see a index.php file.

I ask this in order to avoid bringing my site down.

Kind regards
Rudolph Smits

You can only have one index.xx file…html or php
if you have already published a .html file and need to change it to a .php file…you will need to use an ftp program to delete the old .html file. The internet always defaults to .html even if .php file is present.

Thanks for your reply.
I suppose I was not clear enough. When added a new page I have chosen type “styled page”. But I don’t like the formatting. Instead I want to delete that page and replace it by a page of type “html”. And later possibly rename that one to index.php.

Can I do so for a “home”-page too? And delete index.html on the site before uploading the new homepage (FileZilla).

No problem…just remember the browser will always display the .html file first.
The “home page” is just the index.xx in the default directory.

Ok, thanks again.
Last question, am I right and is the difference between styled page and html page only a RapidWeaver thing? I guess in both cases it will generate an index.html on the site?

Correct. A Styled Text page generates the html code. With an HTML page, you’re writing the HTML code directly.

You can change it to index.php if you want.

Gentlemen, this helps me to understand what I am doing. Thanks a lot for your patience!
Rudolph Smits

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