Is Rapidweaver suitable to develop a simple sandwich ordering system?

Hi I know this is a very general question but is it possible to build a simple site which will allow the selection of sandwiches with various options and email or sms or FB the order?

sorry for the brief outline but it’s basically to facilitate a charity sandwich bar effort



At the risk of sounding daft, if it is for a one off event try PowerPoint and MIX. I set one up myself today to take lunch orders at my school with four daily menu options in 2 languages over 5 days. All the data is presented very clearly too. Can be set and used by anyone vaguely familiar with Word and a Microsoft account.


Well you could use Cartloom for that, there’s a 30 day free plan which covers all of its features (it is about 10$/months afterwards). It allows you to set up a product (so you could name it custom sandwich f.e.) with so called “Options” where you can enter the customizations. The customer can select an option or even multiple options at once and finalize the order. You can also make these options paid, so when the customers adds onions the price would raise from 5$ to 6$.
Once the order has been placed (it also handles payment via CC or PayPal if you want) you’ll get an E-Mail with the exact order details.

And of course this product can be put into a RapidWeaver site.


You can take a look at RapidCart or RapidCart Pro.
Here’s a comparison table between the two products.