The State of eCommerce Using Rapidweaver

There are a few options for you.

  1. Ecwid - This is a site that offers a plugin for RW. Last I heard they were looking into making a stack, but no new news has been said in a while.
  2. Cartloom - Yabdab is the creator of this, a good online system. Many RW developers use this. I believe there is a Cartloom stack too.
  3. Paysnap - Another creation by Yabdab. A set of stacks.
  4. RapidCart - Can not remember the developers name. A plugin and stack set.
  5. @yuzool also makes one, but I can not remember the name of it

@zeebe Payloom is no longer offered. Maybe you meant PaySnap?


Thanks, I fixed my mistake.

Cartloom is exceptional! I’ve been using it since it launched and really appreciate everything it brings, as well as the support @yabdab has provided over the years. Can’t recommend it enough. :+1:

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I’ve been using Cartloom for over 10 years! Obviously I think it’s pretty great.


Thanks @zeebe



If you want anything more meaningful than people simply recommending what they use, explain in detail what you actually need to be able to do.

For serious online retail I’ve found most of the purpose built RW options pretty woeful, but if all you want to do is list a few items with simple payment/shipping/logistic options you’ll be fine, but to offer more help much for info is needed.


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