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An ultra-newbie here. I’m considering purchasing RapidWeaver in order to create a simple shopping cart list that will also serve as a catalogue (of numerous product labels) for my customer. The catalogue/order form will reside only on my customer’s computer. What I want the page to do (once the selections have been made) is simply create a finished order form, generate a copy for the user, and then have it e-mailed to my in-box along with a confirmation message that the e-mail was received.
I have viewed some of the RapidWeaver beginner’s vids on YouTube but would appreciate some suggestions as to what other stack(s) I need to help with accomplishing this task. I have used GoLive (on my old PC) in the past but it’s a fairly dated release and I figure what RapidWeaver has to offer would suite my needs better since I’m doing most all my work now, on a Mac Mini.

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I’d start by taking a look at Cartloom and Ecwid. Other stores are available but that’s what I’d look at first.


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Thanks for the links, Rob. Will check them out.


Hi there…love to see what you are trying to get too…
Always glad to help.

Thanks Joe, for your interest. It seems the stack offerings that I looked at are naturally geared for online commerce and more than what I need for a simple, one-off ordering convenience for my one and only customer that will solely reside on his desktop (and not on the web). I guess my question is, will the stand-alone version of RapidWeaver help me do this?

RapidWeaver is designed to make online websites, you can run a website on a local computer but you would need to run a web server like MAMP on that computer.

If I understand you correctly you need an app that will live in your customers computer and collect then email you an order, no payment processing, no “public” orders.

How many different items are you talking about?

Hi Scott-
Yes, that is correct. Approximately 30-40 items that the user can cart, then order via e-mail.
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I’ll pm you tomorrow, late here

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