Is Realmac still in business?

Hello Applejohn
I came from Frontpage, iWeb to RW. I‘not a progammer at all and made for my knowledge quite nice sites. I can defintely recommend RW.


The Realmac team is pretty modest in size and they are usually hard work donning all the various hats needed to move the product and community forward.

As @zeebe mentioned it is standard for support tickets to take 24-48 hours for reply.
If you need assistance quicker than that, or support from a very divers population, then it is best to post on one of the forums available.

I only read the first several post in this thread and am sure someone has said it already, but jI figured it worth noting just in case.

P.S. if you google “rapidweaver weavers community” you will find additional community resources.



Lisa your site is so pretty. I just love it. I noticed you said you used Foundation and not Foundary. Do you find one better/eaiser than the other? I’m brand new to RW but I’m a programmer by trade but not a web developer! Thanks.

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thanks, @guate_mama05 :slight_smile: I know nothing about Foundry, just that some use one or the other. If you search the forum, there are previous discussions about both. I’m not a programmer at all, but I have my favorite developers, so I suppose that’s how I knew more about Foundation vs Foundry :slight_smile:

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Hi @guate_mama05 I also know virtually nothing about Foundry, other than there are plenty of people who use it and love it. I do know that Foundation has a TON of happy users, me included. You can see my latest site here (it’s under development, hence the unusual URL): You can also see a large selection of Foundation sites by lots of web developers at: (this is on Joe’s Weaver Space site - you might have to create a free account to log in/view).



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This subject has been covered by quite a few posts on the forum. There are lots of folks who use one or the other. There is no right or wrong choose.
They both have very supportive vendors, they both are good products.

You can check out this post if you want (it’s large):


Whay kind of programming?

I’m a database person. Mainly Unix, Oracle, Business Objects and I don’t claim to know C! :slight_smile: Mostly the ETL and extracts for vendors and other 3rd parties.

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Hi Lisa
Great website.
I have been looking for a floating social media bar for a website I am updating, yours looks great. What stack (s) do you use to achieve this.
Kind regards


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@pjayuk Peter-
I am using @willwood’s Floating Content stack with Font Awesome icons in Big White Duck’s Button Plus inside Foundation’s Block Grid Stack. So it’s not necessarily a dedicated social media stack, but I made it into one.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the info.

Already use Button Plus in Foundation, will give Floating Content a try.


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We use addtoany on our website ( and it works just fine. Not sure if you need functionality than this, but it fits our simple purpose well. Check it out at

Is Realmac still in business? Like the OP, I’m finding all contact links dead and email addresses bouncing, and the help link in the fourth post in this thread is dead too. I’m trying to recover a password, and the automated recovery page says it is sending info to my email address, but it never arrives. Are they just gone?

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You can always send us an email at

You can also visit and click on the little blue icon in the bottom right to start a new “conversation” versus “ticket”

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The “sales and licensing issues drop us a message” link on the RM site link above is dead, so it is far from easy to contact RM. Also the Rapidweaver Manual link in RW7 does not go to the manual and there is no Contact Support link in the RW7 Help itself.

Hi Gary,

We’ll get the “sales and licensing issues drop us a message” link fixed, this was missed when we moved to Intercom for support. [UPDATE: This link is now fixed]

The RapidWeaver 7 Manual link inside RapidWeaver points to:
This is now the online manual for RapidWeaver, it’s recently been updated and will be updated further when RapidWeaver 8 ships later this year.

You can also chat to us there (or send an email) by using the little chat icon in the bottom right.

We’re in the process of updating the website ready for the RapidWeaver 8 launch, and will make sure it’s even easier to contact us.

In the meantime, just email :slight_smile:



@dan Good news that the contact link is fixed and it never hurts to have multiple Contact Us buttons and links on every page. In case Scott @anotherscott doesn’t see your reply, it was actually his question about not being able to contact RM, above.

Yes, I am seeing the replies, thanks. And I did try emailing the address early yesterday. No response yet, but at least it didn’t bounce! I wish it were easier to recover your license key., but hopefully I’ll hear from them before too long. (I said password earlier, but I meant license key.)

Is this of any help?