Is Realmac still in business?

(Scott H) #41

I started there before even trying to contact anyone, but that automated license retrieval system isn’t working… it says it sent an email, but the email never arrived. I tried twice, checked my spam folder, etc.

(Malcolm) #42

I have sent three e mails to the support line and haven’t even received an acknowledgement. Really disappointing as there is apparently no support at all. Not a product to recommend.

(Rob Beattie) #43

Hi Malcolm,

there clearly is support from RealMac and if they’re a little slow to reply, there are plenty of people on here who’ll happily try and help you solve any issues you’re having. @dan @ben

(Malcolm) #44

That’s nice to know Rob. Thank you.

( ) #45

Hi Malcolm - I didn’t see your ticket? Did you send in a ticket under another name?

We’re always happy to help :slight_smile:

(Malcolm) #46

Ticket? I simply sent an ordinary e mail (three of them) to Nik Fletcher and to date have not received a reply.

(Matt G) #47

I can also confirm I’ve now sent 3 emails to the same address regarding my license and have yet to receive a response.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #48

Nik no longer works for Realmac, so you didn’t email him. That is the standard email for their support. Not sure which system they use, but when I do support for Joe, any email sent to goes right into our ticket system. As mentioned either in this thread or the other one, Realmac have just switched to a new support system, so maybe there is an issue when sending in emails via that email address.

There is this page

was kind of hoping it had a way other than clicking on a link and putting in an email address (like a form you fill out), but you could try that way.

(Matt G) #49

I see they’re using Intercom, I just tried messaging them on this url:

Non Support from RapidWeaver
(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #50

Good catch, hopefully that will work.

(Dan) #51

Sorry to hear you guys are having issues.

I was away last week on Holiday, but I think @Aaron and @LaPan would have answered your support email.

Support emails usually get answered within 24 hours, it’s sometimes quicker, and sometimes longer just depends on the amount we have and the time sent.

Is everything all sorted now?