Is RW 7.5 released?

I had a RW popup announcing 7.5 was available.

I hoped to be able to see some help or news about it but couldn’t find anything.

The Help link in RW 7.41 is dead.

Anyone know where to find information on how the new Rescources feature is implemented?

It seems so - I installed it and the green beta sign has vanished :slight_smile: But what about the golden “never release before or within a weekend” rule?

Did you find any guidance in the new resources feature? Does the Help link work?

No and neither. Perhaps someone clicked “publish” too early.

I had the update pop up too and downloaded it. It says fully compatible with High Sierra but the preview loop bug is still intact.

I just installed it today, updated my site and published.
Everything went well.

Anyone know how the new Resources feature works?

Click on the New button (top left corner of RW). Then you’ll see the following:

As far as I can tell you can’t use this feature to replace drag/drop of images. (Or maybe you can but stack developers need to change something at their end: I’m not sure.) But useful for those who use some resources over and over again in same project. Or want an easier way to keep track of remote (i.e. warehouse) resources.

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Thanks. Is there some help to go with it?

I have not updated to 7.5 and won’t for a while until I see no issues being reported with it.

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I’m not finding any help. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist somewhere, but it’s not obviously accessible to me.

I hope it does exist somewhere but it would be nice to know where. Nice new post on the RM Blog about the new Squash but nothing about RW.

You can see a video of the new remote resources feature in action here:

I couldn’t follow that video as it is too fast and jumpy and there is no voice over.

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It seems 7.5 hasn’t fixed the refresh issue on High Sierra for some people. We’re working on it now and will be pushing out an update later this week.

We’ll also be making an official announcement (blog post, etc), once we’re sure the High Sierra issue is 100% fixed for everyone.

Stay Weavy!


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