RW6 crash, all Help links broken and Example projects that don't load

I am still using RW6.3.8 and have recently noticed it getting slower and slower. So I thought I would have a look at the Support Logs by clicking on Copy Support Logs in the RW Help. That was a very big mistake. My Mac instantly became unresponsive and locked up, and nothing I could do except a hard reset got my Mac working again.

Anyone know where the Support Logs are?

On restart, no RW Error Reporter appeared, so I though I would email RM and then looked for a Contact RM or Submit Bug Report link in the RW Help but was surprised that there is no such link. So I clicked on RM Software Website to find the best email to use. The link was dead and in fact nearly all of the links in the Help are dead 404 links. Even the RW Manual link is dead, i.e. there is no in App help!

Then I noticed Sample Projects in the Help which revealed a selection of projects and noticed that some have what look RW7 icons. ( I also have RW7installed but don’t use it.) I clicked on one of these RW7 looking icons and get the following error message below.

As a big fan and supporter of RW, this is very frustrating, but for a new user this must be an instant turn off.

It’s all a bit of a shame and these things should not be happening.

I don’t know if this helps Gary but have a look at this:

@dylan Thanks, but I’m really more concerned that a button in the Help menu crashes a Mac and that none of the Help links work. No wonder RW is getting a reputation for poor support and lack of help.

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Yeah that’s not ideal. I had a nightmare with RW 6 in the late stages and got so fed up I just decided to upgrade to v7. Haven’t had many issues at all really since the latest update which is promising.

Out of interest I fired up RW7.21 and the RapidWeaver Manual is also unavailable and gives a 522 Website is offline error.

There’s something seriously off for you. Not sure why. I have zero problem accessing the manual in 7.2.2. I haven’t a clue about what might have caused this situation for you. Weird.

I tried RW7 again and it’s OK now so must have been a blip. The RW6 Help links are all broken though.

It might be that when they changed from the PDF manual to the knowledge base they must have forgotten to update the link in RW6. Not surprising as I would have thought RW7 is Realmac’s #1 priority.

I expect you’re correct but makes little sense to kill the RW6 help? It makes no difference to me but I expect new users would like a help facility. I have seen quite a few comments on other forums from prospective RW buyers being put off by the poor documentation and expensive videos that they perceive you have to pay for. I would like to dive and and defend RW but I understand their comments now.