RW 7.5 update will not launch

Upgraded new iMac to high Sierra, completely lost the ability to us RW 7. Downloaded 7.5 via update page and still will not open. I’m loosing faith in RW.

Not sure what problem you may be having. My understanding is RW 7.5.5 (latest) is the only version of RW that is compatible with High Sierra.

Will it not open? Does it open and not open a project?, Does it not preview?

I’m still on 10.12.6, my Mac is for some reason not able to upgrade to High Sierra. I have been working with Apple’s Engineers trying to figure out why.

After downloading 7.5 and moving it from the download folder to the desk top I click on the icon and A RW 7 problem Reporter window pops up. It states
"Something went wrong application has quit unexpectedly

Don’t know, I’ve never run from the desktop, always from applications folder but I not sure if that would cause that problem.
Suggest you contact Realmac support then.


I would definitely try running a fresh installation (in the /Applications folder) of RW 7.5.5.

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