Is there a Flip Book Stack that will allow a flip book and files to be embedded in site folder


I have a ten page booklet saved as pdf.

A lot of the companies offering flip book conversions host on their servers.

Is it possible to convert pdf to flip book format and have all the files within the Rapidweaver site folder.?

Am I correct in thinking that HTML5 would be better than Flash, I guess that to of viewing is now on mobile phones.

Any recommendation for Stacks for this purpose?

Another option be to save each page as a jpg or png and use a slider, to move pages into place?


I guess my question is why do you want to do this flip book thing? What’s the benefit.

I’ve seen plenty of flip books … and so far not one of them was better than simply providing a download link to the relevant PDF. I can read/view a PDF on my own machine much better than any web page I’ve seen. In fact, the consequence of flipbooks I’ve seen is to leave the site.

This may be a good solution for your particular website … but unless you have a great reason then you may be unintentionally making your website worse and cheesier.


Articles from 1890’s Strand magazine, the pages turning may work better when reading these old articles. Scrolling a pdf doesn’t have the same effect. Would like to try it out,

There’s this stack from 1LD:


@Frank Ah, yes, I can see how flipping would be a nice effect/usage for old Strand magazines. I hope the pagelit stack works well for you. There used to be a very small number of such options but I think most of them have gone away. Pagelit might be the only one left.

There’s a free stack called Magazine from @weaver which might work well.

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Thanks Richard,

Have downloaded the stack and will play around with it.

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Not surprised the Magazine stack is free.

I think it’s worthless.

I bought the Magazine stack, but it’s never worked. I emailed the developer @weaver and never heard back.

The only emails I get from @weaver is when he has a “sale,“ but I’ll never buy anything from him again.

Thanks for your input @davidfreels.

It seams I did not get any email from you, I respond to every email I get as many can confirm.
Would love to know why you thing the Stack is “worthless”.

Why it is not working for you? Does the preview work?



Checked it out and bought it, works fine - thanks for the link.

thangDavidRapidWeaver Pro

“There’s this stack from 1LD:”


I don’t know why it doesn’t work, as I’m not the developer.

No, it does not, whether in RW preview, or your demo in either iOS Safari nor iOS Chrome.

When is the last time you updated the Magazine Stack?

In comparison, 1LD’s Pagelit works beautifully on both Chrome and Safari.

Hi @davidfreels

That’s strange, I’ve tested myself and it’s working.

I will take a look and check, thanks for your help.


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I think the problem with any of these type of stacks is that the mobile experience is compromised (no fault of the devs). I’d be nervous about using any of them for that reason, in a “responsive” world.

Not true for PageLit, which I didn’t know existed until this thread.

The Magazine Stack demo does work on a desktop/laptop browser--if you first know to move the cursor to a corner.

The PageLit stack only requires you to tap/click on a page–anywhere on the page–and the page turns.

I can’t remember, but do either of these allow importing of a pdf file? I think that was an issue I had.

FlipBooks are an odd sort of thing. The conversions were mostly a scam, as you did all the work, they pretending to do “something”, and you got a flip book in the end. You have three choices. Use a free option, which are usually watermarked and limited. Pay a one time conversion. Or, buy your own software app to do everything.

If you produce a print publication, there are legitimate reasons to use a FlipBook over a PDF (I have been in print production for magazines and contract publishing for over 34 years). Always choose HTML5 first (most will default to Flash, then HTML5). I use FlipBuilder Professional. I have used the paid services (some of which charged $500 each). I have tried other products, but this one works well and does what you need.

I ended up with Flip PDF, that works as advertised. I had hoped to use a RW stack, but as I noted, I don’t think they import PDF files. I used them for making meet programs for college track and field meets that have lots of text (yearly results, records, time schedule, etc.)

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I bought that version first. Can’t remember exactly why I needed the pro version, but I did. At $299 it was steep, but still cheaper than what I was paying annually for some of my projects. I think they refunded my $99 (or whatever it was) and I used that towards the pro version. It is slightly buggy, but you can embed quite a bit (videos, and other rich media). Site message me and I can give you some links/examples, and a few other details.

Biggest gripe is the default to Flash first. You can update single pages too after the fact. I just did an update on two projects from 6 months ago. I forgot to add you can host your file with them too (for like $1 per month per project).

Just looked at the versions, it was the ability to embed links in the pro version. I deal with a lot of ads that are brought in as flat images, and they have to be manually linked. IMO, they knew what they were doing when they left that feature off the non-pro version (it forces the upgrade).

Not true for PageLit.

Try it on your phone. 13

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