PDF viewer, book style

Does anyone know of a way (ideally a Stack) to display PDFs as books, ‘flip-book’-style… left and right arrows/page turning; not scrolling, please?


Not aware of a stack (though there may very well be one), but this is pretty sweet:


Yes - that’s exactly what I’m looking for (though I’d hope I’d be able to make it look a little more… sober!)

But how then to integrate into RapidWeaver?

I’ve just found this.

Anyone any experience of it, please?


Or this? http://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/booklit/

Thanks, Jonathan; I did get that - but it doesn’t accept PDFs; neither does Magazine.

There are [many ways to convert PDFs to the single jpegs][1], which I’d then have to stack into either BookLit or Magazine manually.

Now I suppose I’d like a really good automator converter. Preview can do it after a fashio. But all the other apps I’ve seen get really bad feedback.

Thanks, both!
[1]: https://cloudconvert.com/pdf-to-jpg