Is there a grid theme that I could use out there?

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Hello all - I am a longtime rw user, and I did look at a lot of themes before asking this question – I love the Parabola theme from Wordpress but wordpress is a complete mystery to me - is there any RW theme that approximates the same kind of look with grids as this theme? I could use blocks to create something similar, just wondering if there is a theme that has a similar grid type pattern.

Thank you all!
Adrienne Larkin

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Take a look at the Grid theme:

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I’m not sure GRID will do the trick if you’re trying approximate the look and feel of Parabola.

The Poster stack used in conjunction with a standard theme might get you closer to the look you’re after?


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@alarkin it’s gonna be good!

Like you know a lot RW themes are flexible,
here are a few ideas that came to my mind to name few…

Weaverskingdom’s Grid theme

MichaelDavidDesign’s Halogen or Streamline theme

NickCates themes

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Thank you! I will take a look

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