Simple, simple theme!

I used RW to create this site several years ago and it has brought me more personal enjoyment than you can imagine! That is, connecting my life with others via sometimes weird Google searches!

Its quite out of date (non-responsive, etc.) but SIMPLE! I still like a simple tabbed navigation and I could create them using partials, right? However, I have not been able to find a suitable SIMPLE, TABBED theme that I like!

Can anyone point me to some candidates? Thanks! Bye R@y


Have a look at themeflood themes. They all have free trial versions.

Here’s a tab one


If there are no suitable themes or stacks to be found, I’d be totally okay to put together a simple theme for you (and to share with the wider community), like what you have already. Responsive and with the latest web technologies like flexbox.


These free themes look pretty similar.


Yes! Themefloods look excellent! Thanks to everyone for pointing me to these and for other offers of help!

Bye R@y

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what about Source

You’re a good guy Will!

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