Is there a stack for this look?

Good evening,

Please see link below to this website, then click on the menu in the upper right of the home page, it then opens as a large tiled page with all the categories in large rectangles and if you click on it a photo comes up behind the word/title.

I like this very much especially for a golf club website I’m refurbishing as it has an older membership demographic.

Thanks for your help in advance.


You could certainly achieve something very close to this - or the same - using a combination of Big White Duck stacks and the Foundation theme.

Specifically I’d look at:

ButtonPlus 2 for the menu button
PopDrop for the ‘menu’ overlay
SectionsPro for the container for the menu overlay
Some kind of grid for the navigation panels (I used Stacks4Stacks Block Grid stack).
SectionsBox for the rollovers.

Big White Duck.

If you’re prepared to be flexible on how the menu works, there are some pre-built themes which feature a large, easy to navigate overlay menu. They use text though, rather than rollovers.



What an asset you are! Thanks for taking the time to review this and answer my request, I sincerely appreciate the information (very helpful) and your time.



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