Need an image or image button stack with rollover effect

(Charles Brones) #1

For a site that I’m developing I created a catalog page of thumbnail images that link to description pages. Can you suggest an image or button stack that’s compatible with Foundation that displays a Retina image and has a rollover effect? Similar to this screen shot. Thank you

(David) #2

Just type “rollover” in the search for the forum and you’ll find loads of info and options.

(Jonathan Spencer) #3

BWD’s Sections Box stack. loads of options for roll overs.

(Charles Brones) #4

Thanks for the suggestion. I only need the image outline to change from gray to blue on rollover, any suggestions?

(NeilUK) #5

Doobox has a couple of stacks that might do what you’re trying to achieve. One is called Loupe, the other Rinse.

(Jason Bostick) #6

How about Hover Box by Stacks4Stacks. I think there’s an option to just have a border on hover

(Phil) #7

Joe Workman’s Jack Stack can “Enable Hover Border” - size, colour etc.

(Charles Brones) #8

Thank you for the suggestion

(Charles Brones) #9

Thank you for the suggestion Jason

(Charles Brones) #10

Thank you for the suggestion Phi Phil