Is there a way for duplicate page to duplicate exact page?

Every week on one of my sites I add a new page. The process is to duplicate and change content. The problem is that RW does not atually duplicate. It changes the folder name. This means I have then go back to the previous page and copy the folder name. Really duplicate should duplicate the exact page with folder names.

Your question is a little confusing. If RW were to duplicate the folder names and you uploaded, you would have duplicate folder names on your server too? messy… Unless I have misunderstood you?
If you want to have the same page with different content, why duplicate? Just edit the existing content.
If you are essentially adding a new page, it and its folder name should be unique.

I duplicate and want to change the content and page name. But often times the folder needs to stay the same. If the page was duplicated as is, it would be easier to change what needs changing.

Hope that makes sense

Why the need to duplicate I don’t understand? if you just want to change the page name and content, leaving the folder name as is, is something else needed? If you have the option ticked for RW to also upload a backup you’re covered for that.
When you duplicate a page, it renames it as a copy of the original, which has to be changed, so nothing saved there. So the only element is the content that is edited.
The copy is identical to the original, so what exactly is the difference for you between editing the original or the new? Is it about referencing back?

When you duplicate a page, RW automatically changes the name of the folder. I would prefer that element to be the same in the duplicate.

To RW its creating a new page. The same as it changes the page title to ‘copy’ it give a new folder name. I don’t think this will change.

You can’t have a duplicate directory(folder) name on your Mac or a web server.

Try and make one manually with finder. RapidWeaver isn’t any different.

A new page on a web server Is a new directory (folder) the actual file in that directory is index.html or index.php etc…. The page name is the unique name of the directory (folder).

Website Structure
my Website name -index.html (root)
/Page Name (directory )-index.html (file name)
/Another Page Name (directory)-index (file name)
So, if you duplicate any of the pages there is always a conflict unless the directory (page name) is changed.
Root will always overwrite the existing index.html file.

Rapidweaver does all of this for you under the hood. It tries to keep the user from having an unorganized website.

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