Copying a page : non-unique folder name

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RapidWeaver Version: 7.02
System Version: 10.11.5

When copying a page in RW7, the folder name stays the same as the folder name of the page where it got copied from. If you are not aware of that, and you don’t change the name of the folder yourself, your menu will not work. The new page (copy) will point to the old page (source).

This wasn’t the behavior in RW6.

Expected Result:
I would expect that RW7 makes the folder of a new, copied page, unique.


I imagine this one has caught quite a few people out.

I regularly duplicate pages in my site that has over 300 pages.

Once duplicated it’s difficult to rename the new pages’ folder because the page won’t ‘hold’ in edit mode and keeps switching back to the original.
To get around this I rename the original slightly differently…change the new page to a different and intended name…and then rename the original page again back to it’s original folder name.

Needs sorting.

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