Duplicated folders

I made a website with rapidweaver 8 using Foundation and different stacks.
When I publish the web on the server, the first directory folder is duplicated. Eg: example.com/library/books
In google it appears:

How can I avoid it?
Can anybody help me?
Thank you

Can you post a screenshot of the General Settings for that page? We’ll need to see the Folder and Filename settings.

My guess is you have a page (“books”) that is a sub-page of “library” (whose folder is set to “library”), and that you have “library/books” as the folder name for the “Books” page. If that’s the case, then just omit “library” from the folder name. Unless you put in an absolute path, RapidWeaver puts sub-pages in sub-folders of it’s parent page.

You want the “library” page to be:

Folder: library
Filename: index.html

You want the "books page to be:

Folder: books
Filename: index.html

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