Is there a way to add a sliced image into that large banner area?

Mountains theme has that image area that fills the whole screen of and I wondered what people did to get the load times down? I start by exporting the image as 2000 x 1000 and then run it through Squash but I was curious if adding in a sliced image is even an option?

If you’re referring to image slicing, making a larger image into smaller ones, that wouldn’t be supported, and frankly, it probably wouldn’t help load time much, if any.

Am I assuming you are talking about the banner? Mountains recommended banner size is 1080 x 720, so you could cut the load time down to about ¼ of what it is now by resizing the image before compressing it.

Yes, 1080 x 720 would cut it down a lot.I couldn’t find where it suggested the size so I just went by the dimensions someone listed in the forums. Does 1080 x 720 look fine on a large desktop display?

I think they look fine. It might depend on the image

Okay, I might switch them out then. Thanks

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