Is there a way to add OG tags to blog posts?

Is there a way to add OG tags to blog posts so that Facebook fetches the specific data I want when sharing a link to my website?


I believe that whatever you put on the main page is what’s put on all pages. So yes, put the OG tags on the main page and see if they don’t show in the html…

Yes… just checked my old projects and I did have a “generic” OG:image on my blog page which appeared on all blog pages.

Thanks Greg, I appreciate it.

Unfortunately I don’t think that will work for my blog, as I need the OG:image to be different and applicable to each individual post when shared, rather than the blog as a whole. I suppose I’d need to be able to ad OG tags to each post, which I don’t think Rapidweaver allows for.

yes… thats’ one of the many reasons I converted my blog to all stacks pages… (800 pgs) -

I also wish I could add OG tags to each post.
I hate stacks. They cumbersome and not practical for a site with much content. I also resent needing to buy another stack for each function when I want it to do something different.
I’m finding myself spending more and more time at

Hi… you can add OG tags to Stacks3 pages. It the blog pages that are a problem.

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