Is there any tool for managing events on my site?

I’m looking for an intelligent tool to manage events and groops offering on my site. It would be nice to to manage the registration and to show via stats, capacity info, how many people have booked, how many are aviable. Calendar info and locationmap would be great. The whole infoarea should be opened with a button, what I can place next to the infotext about the event.

Is there any kind of Stack/Plugin in the RealMac World?

ThanX foreward
Mat Grimm

I searched high and low for a similar need and could find no plug in or stack for RW.

There are scripts out there though. I suggest you start your search here:

He, swilliam, thanx for the tip. I think, I have to laborate a little bit more to get the performance, i’m looking for. :wink: