Availability calendar stack

Does anyone know of a calendar availability stack that works like this one: http://www.redwood-valley-yurts.co.uk/rates-booking/#availabilitydate.

It’s not tied in to a booking system.

Not sure if you are looking to book appointments or just view.

Datesnap is a good calendar app for viewing.


Hi Mark, Just to view. I’ve looked at Datesnap before but it’s not as pretty and doesn’t really work the way the example does. Seems Datesnap is the only one out there for RW. The calendar example is a Wordpress stack.

The NimleHost stack AddThisEvent provides a connection to the eventmanagement service http://addthisevent.com/
Good luck
Mat Grimm

Hi, this is not a stack, but you can integrate it in Rapidweaver with a code snippet. (Only put a html stack in the page and put the install code from the script in it)
They also have some similar other scripts on their page.

But you need a mysql database to install the script.

thanX for the helpful additional info

Hi, Thanks very much! I think this is the way to go. Never done an SQL database before but always good to have a new challenge. Thanks again!

that is not too difficult, because most of the providers support it in a very smart kind good luck M

Very nice. We need this functionality in Rapidweaver so we can extend. this calendar is so full featured.

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The above seem to be for displaying text entries.

Recommendation for best way to do a calendar of daily cartoons? [images]
Or alternately, “photo-of-the-day.”