Is there someone who can re-design my site for me, for a charge of course

Hi there,

I’ve a self designed web site I’ve been using for a good few years that needs re-doing. It doesn’t really work on mobile platforms, the layout isn’t as clean, mordern or consistent as it could be. Is there a web designer out there who could redesign it for me, so that I can take it on and update with my version of RapidWeaver? The current one uses Eon by Rapid Themes, who I approached to help but they have not responded. I’m happy to use another theme, with the same logo. It should be clear how I want to use the site. Do let me know Thanks - Nigel

Hi Nigel,

I’d be happy to help. Drop me an email to and we can chat via mail or on the phone. I’m in Brighton.

Hove Web Design

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