Need RW designer for a short project

(Ali Rafiaie) #1

I am a RW user and have been using it for over 10 years. SInce I do not have time, I need someone to help me to change my web site to a new Theme that I recently purchased (Florence) - I know it is a short one but could create a possible future work as well. Please email me your name and your rate as soon as you can so we can get started right away.


(scott williams) #2

Can’t you just open your project and switch it to the new theme?

(Ali Rafiaie) #3

Oh no. I need a total redo of the pages including colors and images and banners. I know it does take time to do these.

(scott williams) #4

Oh, Sorry :slight_smile: I misunderstood what you were asking for. Problem is though that whoever does it for you will have to buy that theme also. If you give a url, it might be easier for someone to get an idea of how big or small the project would be.

(Brad Halstead) #5

A URL would be nice to preview and a better description of the required work that may be involved.

Like, do you want an integrated CMS, Blog, Store, etc?


(Ali Rafiaie) #6

I already have the theme. NO CMS or blog.

(Ali Rafiaie) #7

Please keep in mind that I still want to make some changes to the site as well. It is not only changing the Theme.

(scott williams) #8

I sent you a pm to explain