SEO report questions

Hi Everyone, I ran a site I recently finished through this site to get an SEO report:

Here it my site:

I had a few questions:

  1. is the robots.txt something that should be done? I had never heard of it until today.
  2. the report says my title is missing. I have it set up in settings but I didn’t actually put it anywhere on the main page because it would be a duplication on what’s in the banner image. Is there any way to have the title in the page code but not visible?
  3. the report also said I was missing an H1, so I made the slogan “Go Wild” into the H1. Is that what it’s intended for? I’m not sure because the report only says you need an H1 but doesn’t say what it’s for.

Thanks everyone.

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Robots.txt is useful as it tells search engines to index and search your site.

Which settings section is your title in? Is it the site wide settings or is it the individual page title, listed in the Inspector, General Settings, Browser Title?

H1 stands for Header 1. It is the equivalent of a newspaper headline, it’s visually the largest and also is the one that is given the most attention by search engines, so always good to put the right info in it, like company name and product.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Paul. I’m guessing Rapidweaver doesn’t do anything to create a robots file?

My title is in the sidebar Settings, General, Title. I also have the title in the main page’s Browser Title, under Meta Data. Since I didn’t make use of a title stack in the site I guess it’s not getting published.

So H1 is very similar to the Title which I wouldn’t want to duplicate. If I put the title in with the company name and H1 as the company name, the name would be in there 3 times (including the header graphic).

You can create your robots.txt file yourself – for example, using ‘TextEdit’ – and manually upload it to the root of your website (same level as your main index.html file).

You can also buy RapidBot from ForeGround and it will assist you in building the file and then it will output it for you.

Also, see this discussion about H1 header.

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