Is wysiwyg text editing not possible? And what is the advantage of using Scribe?

I’m a relatively new user and as far as I understand, text is formatted using Markdown.
Is MS Word-type wysiwyg text editing very difficult to implement in Rapidweaver?

Also, I’ve seen a lot of people raving about Scribe but I can’t quite understand what advantage it offers over editing in basic stacks.

Wysiwyg editing for html is very messy. The advantage of Markdown in RapidWeaver is that it gives you pure html.


Markdown is one way to add text. In my opinion, it’s the best option.

There is also styled text (produces fairly unstructured HTML). Then you can use our HTML.

There are a number of CMS options (goCMS, Armadillo, etc, etc) that allow you to edit content online.

There isn’t any real WYSIWYG options like a word processor. With a word processor, your layout is for a fixed document. Websites have to be designed for about any size screen and also should be usable by a screen reader.

With RW8 you can have the simulator open if you have the screen real estate available. As you edit the page the simulator will show you what the result will look like.

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