MarkDown language Tutorial?

I just watched a video where Isaiah briefly extolled the virtues of using MarkDown language.

I am totally clueless about this.
Can anybody point me to a tutorial about what this is all about?

A starting point is just to get a markdown stack on the page and use the examples within it. Once you’ve got the hang of italics, bold, bullets etc, there are plenty of markdown tutorials on the interweb to develop more advanced skills :). It effectively allows you to style your text in plain text without the use of any software package or word processor, and it cleanly converts to html.

lots of tutorials on YouTube as well.

If you want a really good video course on markdown checkout Wes Bos mastering markdown. It’s about a half-hour long, is broken down into small chapters so it’s a great reference for review and done by a professional instructor. Best of all it’s free…


Markdown completely rocks. It’s a much better way to develop text for the web: unless you only use short text areas. But the more text you use, the more it is useful. I create courses for higher education: so lots of text. Markdown is the only sensible way to go.

If I was creating a photography site where I mainly had photos and only very short text excerpts then I wouldn’t waste time with markdown. So it depends on how much text you’ll have on your site. And what varieties of text (lists, headers, tables, quotes, and so on)

Here’s few links regarding markdown that you may find useful:

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Free is good. Right now my company isn’t making a nickel.
(Which reminds me that I need to send a donation to Will Woodgate)

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