Issues in Aspen theme when using Kalendar stack

Hi folks,

I’ve been in touch with both Nick Cates and Weavium who unfortunately have not been able to resolve this issue but thought I’d also ask the wider community.

I have a new test implementation of a site I’m developing for my local village hall using the Nick Cates Aspen theme and we’re almost good to go apart from one issue…

I purchased Kalendar for this site, but when used many of the standard Aspen navigation and banner features either don’t function properly or are disabled.

For now I’ve had to remove all theme navigation from the ‘live’ Events Diary page and add a back button as a workaround.

A summary of the issues is here but I have written full explanation on a couple of hidden pages on the site itself.

*** Page title won’t appear if i, /i code added to animate it**
*** Banner image does not blur on approach to top nav menu**
*** Banner Image parallax effect on page scroll does not work**
*** ‘Menu’ button on page scroll appears but does not function - therefore no nav on mobile devices**

A page showing the problem is at

An identical page with Kalendar stack removed and therefore all functionality restored is at

If anyone is able to work out what the interaction issue is and resolve it I’d be really grateful.

The alternative to the current workaround is to find another stack to display Google Calendar data in a nice format the way Kalendar does. I’ve done some searching and it seems everything else that used to be able to do this is end of life.


P.S. Sorry but as a new poster the system wouldn’t allow me to add all the links but you’ll be able to navigate to the rest of the site from the above.

The broken version (Kalendar version) has a JavaScript error
$ is not a function
Most likely the Kalendar stack is using other libraries on the page. Libraries that conflicts with jQuery. Don’t have Kalendar so can’t really debug any more then that.

Thanks for checking it out (@teefers) Doug, I’ll put that to both and see what comes. Would sending you the stack help if I still draw a blank?

From a license prospective you can’t really send me the stack. That would be upto the owner of the software.

You might want to try a different Theme to see what happens. It looks as Nick Cates is leaving RapidWeaver Development.

Of course understand re the licencing, I’d seek permission first.

Didn’t realise Nick was doing that but he has a huge new bespoke site service (Falcon) advertised on his own website so guess that’s where he’s going to concentrate. It’s a shame as I’ve always found him to be really responsive in the past but this time it was taking a week or nearly two for a reply.

I’ve looked at other themes but doing that would mean any nav menus and the look and feel would change for the page anyway, which is why I’ve just created the back button on the live page and stuck with Aspen.

Perhaps going forwards I’ll have to look at getting my head around Foundry, Foundation, Source or other ground up framework set but I’m still a newbie and like the hand holding a theme gives.

Just wanted to give a shout out to @weavium who has taken a look at the Aspen theme and cured the problems that Nick Cates was unable to sort!

I can now stick with Kalendar which is perfect.


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